AIRBORNE 10 is an S.I.A.T. technology (Surfactant Induced Absorption Technology) which is a sophisticated blend of Surfactants.
You can find surfactants in household goods such as dish soaps or degreasers, however you could say that compared to AIRBORNE 10, dish soap is like the bicycle of the transportation world!


AIRBORNE 10 works by altering the surface tension of water. On its own water does not make a very good absorbent but by adding AIRBORNE 10 we are able to increase the absorbency of water by 500,000%.
This is achieved by the hydrophilic and hydrophobic tails in AIRBORNE 10. The hydrophilic tails are water loving while the hydrophobic tails are water hating thus creating a non-selective scrubbing agent as while the hydrophilic tails are searching out any dry particulates or gases. Normally speaking the tails would not be found together as it does create a kind of “schizophrenic” product (the best way of describing it is if you try to mix oil with water) however for the applications we use this is a perfect combination.

SIAT Technology is the only odor control product that does not mask a smell, it actually removes the offensive odor or particulate from the air, locks it into the water droplet where it falls to the ground and naturally bio degrades.

AIRBORNE 10 is a completely non-hazardous product and even the 2 products citrus and tracer which have strawberry and lemon smells use flavorings off the GRASS list. The GRASS list is a government statutory document and means a product is generally regarded as safe to use in food.

Airborne10 DealsSIAT technology is used in many applications from sewage related issues landfill or reclamation sites, composting sites, food processors to name but a few.

If we look at how AIRBORNE 10 is utilized within the sewage industry, the main gas we are trying to remove from the atmosphere is H2S which is a very noxious and corrosive substance. Hydrogen sulphide is easily detected as its distinct odor of rotten eggs is very potent and overpowering. When AIRBORNE 10 is being misted into the environment where hydrogen sulphide is present it attaches itself to the molecules incorporating it into the water droplet. When the water has reached the point where it can no longer stay airborne, the droplet then falls to the ground and allows for the natural bacteria within the environment to naturally bio degrade.

It is also widely accepted and currently under trial for helping people with respiratory disease such as asthma and sinusitis. We have undertaken this process because AIRBORNE 10 is non selective with which it attaches itself, therefore it has proven effective for allergy sufferers suffering for example from dust or pollen. These items being airborne have been shown to be removed from the environment allowing for a reduction in symptoms.