Self Cleaning-Air Atomizing Nozzle

Air Atomizing NozzleOur revolutionary air atomizing nozzle is a self-clean non-drip completely stainless steel unit, which means very low maintenance and no corrosion enabling us to offer a 10 year guarantee on this product. It uses only 1.3 gallons of water per hour and less than 1cfm of air, making this an extremely environmentally efficient nozzle.

Using this system, we can treat a small area or a large from one control unit. These nozzles can be used in conjunction with timed, zoned or wind directional systems to ensure maximum cover at a minimum cost.


Rotary Atomizer

RotaryHow does the Rotary Atomizer Airborne 10 work?System Advantages
In an enclosed environment the Rotary Atomizer Airborne 10 provides the ideal solution for applications that require fine liquid droplets to be projected into the atmosphere. Using an advanced, high speed, compact atomizer to break up liquid the super quiet fan is able to disperse mist over large areas.

As with all APPS Systems the type of Rotary Atomizer Airborne 10 we use depends on the requirements of the site, this is because each application is different and for this reason we have the choice of two types of rotaries.
The first is mainly used for inside applications where the amount of liquid and size of droplet is critical. This unit spins up to 32000 rpm and will produce a droplet of 40 micron thus preventing any moisture reaching the floor under normal conditions.
The Airborne 10 Rotaries are used for many different applications such as dust, odors, H2S as well as Nitrogen/ ammonia when using our Airborne 10 S.I.A.T Technology.
The second unit is more suited to outside or more changeable conditions and uses a slower spinning motor which produces a larger droplet size.
Both rotaries are extremely efficient in both energy and running cost, in each case the rotaries only use a max of 5 gallons of water per hour with a dosage rate using Airborne10 of only 0.5% vol. If you compare this with rotaries using masking agents the normal usage is something in the order of 26 gallons of water per hour and dosing rates of 2-10% vol.

Airborne 10, the latest technology

Our latest technology Rotary Atomizers Airborne 10 provide fine liquid droplet dispersion, (typically down to under 40um), projected for up to 65 feet.

Airborne 10 facts…

  • Dust Suppression
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Humidification
  • Odor Control
  • Air Movement

Food processing is renowned for producing an array of offending smells that can pollute nearby residential areas.
This problem can be easily addressed by a customized system.  When used in conjunction with Airborne 10 the recurring problem can be kept at bay, enabling the manufacturer to operate at full capacity.

The PIRA - Portable Independent Rotary System

PIRAThe ‘PIRA’ Portable Independent Rotary System has been designed to be effective for temporary odor control at problem locations remote from utilities. Applications include moving of sludge and slurry, contaminated land remediation, short-term waste/land-fill, composting, short term problems/breakdowns at sewage works, renderers, chemical works etc…

  • The Rotary Atomizer is mounted on a purpose built galvanized trailer which gives this system tremendous flexibility and ease of use.
  • The PIRA is fitted with a telescopic mast that rises to 10 feet where required, it can be fitted with a gas or diesel generator if main supply is not available 
  • The PIRA can be specified to use 110v or 230v Electric supply 
  • The trailer unit is fitted with 225 gallon on board water tank which will give approximately 50 hours of un-aided Odor control using our award winning Airborne 10 technology 
  • The PIRA can be towed behind a normal car, van or 4 wheel drive and is available for both rental and purchase 
  • Maintenance programs 
  • Rental systems 
  • Leasing systems 
  • Contract rental purchase