Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Our founder is a US citizen now, however is originally from England, so when we first became aware of a company in the United Kingdom known as APPS UK Technologies, we were already acquainted with some of the people involved in the company. We began to gain information about their product and services. We learned that APPS UK was a company designed around the product AIRBORNE 10 which was invented by Jim Edgar of the UK.. AIRBORNE 10 being an S.I.A.T. (surfactant induced airborne technology) is used with specialized equipment to eradicate odors, gases, and dust. Our website is a great tool to discover and begin to understand the amazing qualities of AIRBORNE 10 and the many ways it can be the answer to your odor, dust and gases problem by absorbing the particulates that are causing the problem.

After following the company and its success we decided to see first-hand how it all worked. We traveled to the UK in 2010. Right away we were able to experience what we had been hearing about AIRBORNE 10, and its systems really did deliver on the claims we had heard. We were able to visit locations where AIRBORNE 10 systems had been in place and proving it’s worth. In one location we visited, a chicken farm that housed 350,000 chickens, we found that prior to purchasing the AIRBORNE 10 system and product, the farm averaged 93 complaints a day due to the odor from the chickens. After implementing the system, almost immediately the complaints dropped to a mere 7 a day. An unexpected benefit of the product was that the mortality rate of the chickens decreased because they did not have the ammonia odor that before caused premature deaths. We were amazed that we did not smell any odor while we examined the farm. Talking with the farm managers only reinforced the success as they told us of all the problems that had prior to AIRBORNE 10 and how they would not be without it. Another site we visited was a waste transfer station that dealt with garbage from a very large area of London. As we stood on top of the catwalk with the manager of the plant we realized there was no odor. Also, there was not any dust or particulates in the air. The manager said that before AIRBORNE 10 was installed you would not be able to see the workers dealing with the garbage because of all the dust in the air. He also said that all the workers formerly had to wear goggles and masks; however, none were wearing either. Again, we were told that AIRBORNE 10 had solved their problem and they would not be without it.

After several such experiences and observing the engineering aspect the decision was made to bring it to America. The inventor, Chemist Jim Edgar and managing Director of APPS UK, Vince Gosling agreed with us that the USA needed this product and system.
So, the birth of APPS (Air Pollution Products & Systems) USA, Inc.


What's an Odor?

What's an OdorAn odor is caused by a volatilized chemical compound(s), normally at a low concentration which animals and humans perceive by the sense of olfaction (or smell).

If you are having odor or dust control problems please contact APPS USA.
To speak to an APPS USA consultant about your odor/dust/gas control problems please call: 575-746-4492 or contact us here.

Breathing Fresh Air Into....

  • Sewage
  • Farms
  • Water Treatment
  • Landfills
  • Refineries
  • Dust Suppression
  • Landfills
  • Feedlots
  • Rendering Plants
  • Effluent Plants
  • Oil Field Operations
  • Personal Home Use
  • Intensive Rearing
  • Food Processing
  • Liming Operations
  • Composting
  • Chemical Plants
  • Compost Spreading